Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Some advice for Mr. Rumsfeld

"If Donald Rumsfeld were here, I'd ask him for his resignation." - US soldier, "Good Morning America"

While spokesmen in the Pentagon are parrotting the words "Morale is high!", U.S. servicemen are being incredibly outspoken about going home, and going home soon. This video from Reuters is a good example. They know that there is a two star general and a TV reporter nearby, and yet these soldiers are shouting "Ready to go home, sir!" and venting anger and extreme frustration over the situation. Their C.O. must be mortified.

E-mails and phone calls received from soldiers as well as their wives tell of whole units being put on suicide watch, and at least one US soldier in Iraq may have commited suicide recently.

"Our morale is not high or even low. Our morale is non existent ... The 3rd Infantry Division soldiers feel betrayed and forgotten." - email from an anonymous soldier

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