Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

the gelded age of wireless...

Kirsten, whose mobile plan was about to expire, decided to stick with Verizon, but got both of us their latest phones, which have built in cameras, email, SMS, and general web-related features. (If I know you well enough, you can email me and I will pass along my #... otherwise, people on my friends list can send me text messages through the LJ interface, though I can't guarantee a quick response... or any response at all, for that matter. Email remains my favored means of communication.)

I'm not sure what I think about having a phone with me wherever I go. Really, I usually hate phones, and I'm skeptical about how connected I really want to be with people, at least by voice. It's bad enough having to carry a pager around in my past life, but a phone is *really* asking for grief. Ideally, I will be able to use it more often for doing internet-related things as opposed to talking on the phone all the time.

One thing I am curious about is using it to post to weblogs... ideally to LJ. There are some ways of doing this with the LiveJournal clients MoJo and TapJam, but really that's not what I want. I'd like to be able to snap photos, add a bit of text, and effortlessly post them to a weblog. I have some ideas on how best to do this, too... which I might talk about more once I get it to work.

Ultimately, I am of two minds on mobile phones. They are starting to become somewhat interesting, somewhat useful gadgets... but part of me hates phones and always will. Bah, I say. Phones are annoying, and people with mobile phones doubly so. Being bugged in real-time by people actually projecting sound through their larynx and out their mouths sounds *soooo* archaic, doesn't it? ;->

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