Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

One, two, cha-cha-cha! All Hallow's Eve with the Rosin Coven!

Of all the events that Iceblink and I have attended to celebrate the pagan New Year, Rosin Coven was the most enjoyable and memorable. We last saw Rosin Coven back at Burning Man, at which point Kirsten adopted a red boa... well, it seemed appropriate that she should bring the boa back with her, so I requested that she wear it for the evening. I appreciate the unexpectedly appropriate...

Our destination? Cafe du Nord on the Castro... habitual home to hundreds of thousands of costumed revelers every Halloween. Somehow, we had never been to the cafe, which was quite cool and swank, yet not stuffy. The drinks at the bar really do look this good...

just one more for the road...

Upon arrival, we were treated to the music of Jill Tracy, who, with her Malcontent Orchestra, sounded like a sultry, feminine counterpart to Tom Waits (if such a thing is imaginable...) Soooo deliciously appropriate...!

Jill Tracy's new album

Listen to Jill's new song "Evil Night Together" off of her new album "Diabolical Streak".
Purchase, buy, consume!


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