Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Bush whacked...

I am so sick of the poor quality of the news reporting for this election. The television stations are scared shitless to point out the faults of Bush or Gore...

Case in point... when evidence surfaced (from a reporter, not from the Gore campaign as many would like to infer) that Bush had a DUI and when copies of the DUI report were circling around, Bush could hardly deny the report... so he did the next best thing. He admitted to it, but inferred that the Gore campaign may have leaked the story. Should we feel like Bush made an honest, straightforward admission, however?

Hardly. As early as 1998, Bush was asked by a Dallas Morning News reporter if he had ever been arrested. Bush responded "After 1968? No."

On "Meet the Press", Bush was asked about past events or skeletons in the closet relating to his past. He said "If someone was willing to go public with information that was damaging, you'd have heard about it by now." I think that this is just as bad as what Clinton did... he lied to the public about sexual improprieties, not an actual arrest record.

If there is a reason why reporters had no clue about this DUI before, it is probably because George W. Bush intentionally and fraudulently reported information on several legal documents that reporters would have previously noticed. You see, in the course of Bush's past business dealings, he would have regularly filled out paperwork for loans, security purposes, etc. A question that ALL OF US have probably had to answer on these kinds of forms in the past is "Do you have a prior arrest record?" Lying on these kinds of documents is fraud and perjury, plain and simple.

Has Bush never had a drink after '86 like he said? Decide for yourself... this is a videotape of Bush drinking at a wedding in '92.

Politically, I'm disgusted by the hypocracy. Why should we accept our politicians knowingly lying to us about their pasts? Having a DUI in the distant past shouldn't brand you as being unfit for office, but lieing about a criminal record is completely unnecessary. Bush intentionally deceived the people of Texas about his past for over 6 years... this is bad enough... but it's completely unacceptable to do so during a presidential campaign. If we can't know the truth about a candidate and still vote for them, perhaps they shouldn't be elected President.

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