Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Steal from the rich and give to the poor...

Are you one of those US citizens who wants to avoid having someone at the RIAA catalog all the mp3s on your hard drive and possibly target you for legal action? Well, my answer before was to not worry. It's all fear tactics, really. There are over 60 million file traders in the US, and the RIAA *might* launch a few hundred lawsuits before our congressional representatives (and judiciary) tell them to knock it the hell off...

Still don't like those odds? Then download the new version of Kazaa Lite. Delete all old versions of Kazaa off your computer, install the new Kazaa Lite. After installing, go to Options-More Options and check "prevent other users from getting a list of all your files". You will still be able to share your files, but the RIAA won't be able to generate a list of the files you are sharing, making you a particularly unlikely target for legal action, and wasting the RIAA's time and money in the process... take *that*, record industry scum!

Oh, and don't buy albums anymore... unless you really feel the need to do so, in which case you may want to consider buying something from Willie Nelson, because he's a patriotic Texan who has the balls to endorse Dennis Kucinich. He'll even be performing some fundraising concerts! (Does anyone else sense the palpable confusion that I feel when I am forced to appreciate *both* Willie Nelson and the Dixie Chicks in the same year?!? Then again, I almost saw Willie Nelson in Austin the last time I was there, and I hear it was a good show... but please Willie, no more duets with Julio Inglesias.)

Childhood memories flooding back... did I ever tell you that I grew up just down the street from a country-western bar called the Silver Saddle, raised horses as a kid, and can still do a mean "Yeeeeehaaaaww!"?! (It comes in really handy for when deejays play the "Drop your Britches" mix of "Beers, Steers, and Queers" by The Revolting Cocks.)


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