Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

There's hot and then there's *HOT*!

And no matter what your landlord says about cooling winds or lots of shade, if you live in most regions of California, your house *will* get feckin' hot on days like these.

Weather for the SJ Mercury puts it right at 100 F (that's 38 C for those of you with socialized medicine!), but they have this thing called a RealFeel Temperature that says it "feels" like it's 107 F / 42 C. That's right... it only feels like your nuts are roasting!

We have the two window air conditioners going in the back of the house though, and have hung up a curtain separating that part of the house from the rest, so the artificial high today is 75 F and the evening will be in the mid 60's. Three cheers to the gods of A/C!

As for everyone else, you'll either need to rough it or find a piece of floor to crash on, because it's hell out there...

Be thankful you're not in Baghdad, where it really is 107 F, and the RealFeel Temperature has to account for battlefield fatigues and a kevlar vest.

Today we had 2 US soldiers killed, 8 wounded, and 2 kidnapped. "Reports of attacks on U.S. troops appeared almost hourly -- too frequent for military press officers to keep up with." Meanwhile, Republican leaders are talking about staying in Iraq for five years of this kind of abuse. 1875 days -- extrapolate that and add in the 241 coalition troops that have already died... Hey, it almost sounds like a war!

Oh yeah, baby... it's hot!

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