Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The baby boomers who wouldn't die...

If George Bush Jr. is likely to win the election, it is worth pointing out exactly who is going to vote for him demographically and who is to blame...

Are seniors voting for George Bush Jr.? Some are, but most seniors seem to be primarily interested in voting for well-funded Social Security. Are young people voting for George Bush Jr.? No... most of them aren't even voting.

The people who are voting for George Bush Jr. are the baby boomers, who sell their vote to those who promise them the most money, regardless of the fact that the government is still heavily in debt. The people who primarily profited from that debt? The rich... and the baby boomers.

I, for one, am sick of baby boomers. They, as a generation, have completely failed... they take a smug pride in a radical past of protest marches and drugs, while being completely hypocritical about any sign of liberalism or drug use by their own kids. At the same time, they expect society to take care of their kids, their parents, and eventually... them. To some extent, I can understand the male baby boomers voting the way they do... they're a bunch of arses, after all... but where are the female baby boomer voters? They outnumber the males of their generation... are they voting, or are they just sitting on the sidelines while hubby goes off to vote? If we get a bunch of conservative justices running the government without any due process for the next 30 years and if Roe v. Wade gets chewed apart like termite-infested deadwood, it will be their fault.

Well, as much as I would like to see an end result of Ralph Nader making his 5% and Gore winning the election with a minority of the popular vote (causing a real debate to overturn the electoral system and perhaps reform the political system) there would be a certain appeal to seeing George Bush Jr. wreck Social Security before the baby boomers die off... I hope they, as a generation, have to fight for jobs at McDonalds when they turn 75. Karmic justice would be served, with fries and a large Coke...

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