Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The new Lou review...

Went up to the Warfield to see Lou Reed perform -- which was a very good show indeed. It was especially nice to see all the skilled artists that he has surrounded himself with.


while writing this post and trying to look up the names of his bandmembers, I ran upon several reviews of previous shows on this tour, leaving me vaguely unsatisfied.


Because the tour has been crafted and canned so closely that even the smalltalk that Reed goes into between (and sometimes during) songs is pretty much identical between shows. The amazing Cale-like cello solos of Jane Scarpantoni during "Venus in Furs" are still amazing. The playlists are pretty much identical between gigs. Every review for this tour reviewed the exact show that I saw. They're performing practically the same show every night.

Reed made a point in emphasizing at one point that the band was entirely live when his guitarist played piano on his Z-guitar... and proceeded into the same amusing patter regarding this seeming abnormality that he made in all of his previous gigs on his tour.

So, yes... I will concede to the show being absolutely live, but it was also a painstakingly crafted reproduction. Yes, it was a very good show, but somehow, it just doesn't seem appropriate.

Sure, Reed has probably had enough chaos, conflict, and disorder in his life to fill a dozen ordinary lives -- but that's what it means to be an artist, isn't it?! Banish the unexpected vagaries of the creative process and you might as well be in a factory, cranking out endless reproductions with a bunch of hired hands.

(And here I was, always thinking that Warhol was the one influenced by Reed, and not the other way around.)

So, out of curiosity...

How do you feel about Andy Warhol?

A true artist and a master of the mass-produced.
An infantile, obsessive narcissist whose ideas have negatively influenced art to this day.
All of the above.

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