Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

A day in Chinatown...

Went up to SF today with spiderdust & ldyicefire, read a story to the kid, went to the Tien Hou Temple (This is the oldest Chinese temple in the US... Tien Hou, also known as Ma-tzu, is the Queen of Heaven and the Goddess of the sea, and is a popular diety for sailors, travellers, actors, and prostitutes. She is based on the legend of a young woman who sacrificed her life saving the lives of seafarers.), The Potsticker, the fortune cookie factory, and to the Clarion Music Center, which is just about the most perfect music center ever if you like instruments from around the world. They had a lovely yang qin which I played for a bit... *very* nice, even for $600. Maybe for Christmas...

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