Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Another good reason not to be popular...

I've glad that I know some of the "A-List" webloggers, but this post makes me glad I'm not one of them.

They got Cory wrong, though. He's not so self-serving, not one mention of WiFi, and he doesn't just like Disney, he skewers them mercilessly, too. Ben and Mena are an insidiously cute g33k couple, though... they also get a whole helluva lot done. And Gillmor is a damn good reporter who cares about computer users a whole helluva lot than most reporters, who seemingly would rather feed us to Microsoft in small, bite-sized chunks.

The post is absolutely savage, and yet it's funny as hell to me... so that means it must be at least a little true, right?!?

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