Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

and while we're mentioning Supersnail...

There is a link on Supersnail's site to a very interesting costume ball in San Francisco this upcoming Saturday... The San Francisco Opera is allowing Ggreg Taylor to use sets, costumes, and props in a massive SOMA warehouse to do a dance event that promotes the opera.

Apparently, live arias will be accompanied by mixing from local DJ legend Gavin Hardkiss. One can only assume that opera will be thrown into the mix all evening long. The party also features Jeno, who has been doing his magic forever...

I remember when he used to come in to sell his mix tapes to me at Underground Records back in the early 90s. Underground Records was San Jose's first head shop -- it was really something in the late 60s and early 70s, but poor management and neglect had allowed the store to fall badly behind the times when I got there. Still, the owner and I managed to have a brief resurgence for a few years in the 90's before she retired, in no small part due to the sounds the local DJs were putting out. Garth and Jeno and the Hardkiss brothers... but also some great, hard-to-find releases by Freaky Chakra, Single Cell Orchestra, Young American Primitive, etc.

Unlike many scenes, San Francisco created some music that was far from typical rave/techno, with influences from all over the map. Ambient world music soundtracks from space that you could dance to. Some of the best stuff you've never heard... Someone really should do a CD compilation that does justice to that place and time. Meanwhile, this masquerade ball sounds like an excellent way to mix a bit of the old with the new!

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