Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Maybe he was just a CEO who had a bad day...

Two legs baaaaad, four legs goooooood...

U.S. Officials Investigate Case of Flying Pig

PHILADELPHIA (Reuters) - The Federal Aviation Administration is convinced that pigs can fly. Now it wants to know how and why.

The FAA said on Monday its investigators are trying to sort through a bizarre series of events that allowed a 300-pound pig to fly first-class aboard a nonstop USAirways flight from Philadelphia to Seattle.

In the rare case of a pig that actually flew, the porker boarded USAirways Flight 107 on Oct. 17 with its two women owners and 198 other human passengers, and slept for most of the six-hour flight.

But the animal went hog wild as the Boeing 757 taxied to the terminal in Seattle. The squealing beast ran through the plane, discharging feces as it went, and tried to get into the cockpit before taking refuge in the aircraft's food galley. The pig was last seen being hauled off the plane and into an airport elevator by its two owners and another passenger.

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