Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Go north, young man!

Ontario high court upholds right to same sex marriages.

Some quotes:
"Rather a big week here: We can smoke weed with impunity, and now this... welcome to the New Netherlands!"
Barry Burciul, Toronto Canada.

"Nobody can say that their family is a real family and my family is just a bunch of people living in the same house."
Robbie Barnett-Kemper, a young Canadian with two mothers

"The law in Alberta is very clear, notwithstanding how some people might feel about it, it's very clear. It's as clear as crystal. If there is any move to sanctify and legalize same-sex marriages, we will use the notwithstanding clause, period. End of story."
Ralph Klein, Alberta's premier (Boo, hiss!!)

Once again, that's Ralph Klein, Premier of Alberta. (The homophobe capital of Canada!). You can reach him at (780) 427-2251 or email him at . And look, there's already an online petition about this, too...

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