Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

passing thoughts today

- Everyone seems to make posts regularly, answering various quetsions. I would rather encourage people to comment on this post and ask me questions, however. Go ahead --think of a question and leave me a comment. Anonymously, even. If I don't feel like I can publically answer the question, however, I reserve the right to answer it privately or respond back with made up words. ;->

- Reading OwnzOred, because I somehow overlooked it. I like reading Cory's stuff for the same reason I used to read a lot of Heinlein... however, the idea of veteran Silicon Valley programmers interacting with each other (and internally) using computer slang seriously sUxx0rs. Silicon Valley folks really don't talk like script kiddies... honest. They rarely use phrases like shiznit, and the expression "bro" is normally reserved for the backslapping suits who work in sales.

Also, locals rarely say "Shallow Alto" unless they live in San Francisco, in which case it is perfectly acceptable behavior to demean any place that you cannot get to on public transit within 20 minutes, with the possible exception of Berkeley. (Nevermind that San Francisco's public transit is only good in comparison to the rest of the Bay Area... not Boston. Not New York. Not Chicago. Probably not even Portland -- and that BART turns into a pumpkin at midnight.)

- Just read a particularly revealing Steve Wozniak interview. He talks a good deal about Jobs and even mentions that there was serious discussion for the Apple II of putting a transmitter in it that could broadcast directly to a nearby TV set. I *still* want this as a standard feature on computers. Unfortunately, Woz didn't want to dirty the airwaves. Dammit. Well, at least he did a lot to influence Apple's emphasis on wireless. I really would like to set up the house (hell... the entire neighborhood) as a WiFi hotspot, but could use assistance on how to best/most affordably do so. If any of you feel particularly qualified in assisting with this endeavor, pls. let me know.

- Is it just me, or does LJ seem a lot more quiet lately? I suspect that part of it is natural, as journalers may have less to say over time... but I also suspect that some of it is related to how LJ is performing / growing. It feels like a dirty fishbowl that needs some fresh water and a bit more circulation. Statistically, this usually happens when the site is sucking and the # of posts per day is stagnant... but LJ stopped reporting that stat months ago, and the # of posts was pretty stagnant then. The user-perceived activity of the site is approximately equal to the number of posts / number of journals -- so is LJ shrinking? We have no way of knowing, really.

- Sometimes I feel distinctly detatched. Not inhuman, perhaps... but ahuman? This is one of those times, I guess. I think I need some kind of visceral jolt to snap things back into place, but I have no idea where it will come from, and seeking it out seems too premeditated. I don't know whether I need a muse, a cool motivator, a good hard f*ck, an or one of these...

- I'm looking out the window at the hot tub, thinking that it looks lonely. Anyone want to come over tonight or sometime during the weekend and help keep it company?!

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