Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Tuesday Tea & Sympathy - the spa is now open.

As per usual, we're having the Tuesday weekly gathering at our house in Santa Clara...though this one will be special, because we finally have the hot tub ready. So, in order to get into the whole spirit of the evening, the theme will be a spa night.

The massage table will be set up and available for people to use. (I'm willing to give a massage or two... place your reservations early), Kirsten will give (and possibly educate others in giving) french manicures, the music will be oh so soothing, and the hot tub will be open. (Albeit not clothing optional tomorrow, since we want to be kid and shyness friendly. Bring a suit. Bringing your own towel is a good thing too, but probably isn't necessary.)

As always, we practice Burning Man ethics - participate, don't spectate! If you have any great ideas on how to add to the general happiness of the whole co-op spa experience, by all means share/bring them.

For directions or more info, email insomnia @ .

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