Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Making the best of a long, painful weekend...

I had kind of a long, painful weekend, waiting on getting a wisdom tooth removed. It was endlessly torturous at times... and when I was able to find unconciousness, it was a very welcome thing indeed.

Fortunately, the pain was somewhat better today, though I still feel a bit spaced out from the after effects of codeine. It was annoyingly bright and hot today, and I hear that part of that is because of the codeine -- now I know why people on heroin love their sunglasses.

(And no, I never did heroin as a wild-eyed yoot. Tar opium however... is a very hard thing to find and quite addictive, so you really should never never consider doing any drugs ever in your life ever ever because they are bad for you except for drugs that an HMO tells your doctor that you are supposed to take, bad American beers during barbeques, sporting events, or on the 4th of July, and mixed drinks containing scotch and / or whiskey, but only if you are over 35... and only if it's during the holiday season, at family reunions, or around children you could potentially traumatize for life. Just say no. So there.)

Still, the weekend had a few good bits:
- Hot tub wired and filled. Currently being initially treated with chemicals before anyone goes in. Going in now would probably not be a good idea, as some levels are testing too high and I would rather not have chemical burns. Maybe tomorrow...

- Got in some rest, quality cuddling, and general connubial bliss.

- Watched lots of vids. Just watched 24 Hour Party People, which was quite good, and a loverly Latina at the video store found me a copy of Amores Perros --unlike those pasty-white vidstore slackers who could never find it for me, much less spell it-- so I guess that's next on the list.

- It was nice to hear that Salam Pax has a new job working as a writer for the Guardian. Screw the other reporters... give Salam Pax a Pulitzer. He took more risks and did the job better than anyone else. The question now is will he get paid what he's worth... and what will he think of rich Western decadance when he has a taste of it himself?! I hope he treats his friends well and helps the poorer ones, myself. Still, if Iraqis must be forced to deal with western decadence, it would be nice if they were the ones with the money instead.

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