Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Japanese Whispers?!

Figured it would be an appropriate time to post slogans that use mangled English...

+ ing
-- Japan Railways new corporate slogan

"Woody Home"
-- Brand name on women's underwear

"Through years of experience, Doutor Danish is produced from the finest
materials to create a happy time on tables."
-- from a breakfast pastry package

"Now baby. Tonight I am feeling cool and hard boiled."
--slogan on a Japanese shopping bag

"Fuck the phone."
-- from instructions on how to install a phone system

"Fuck the old man with the beard."
-- On a Santa Claus t-shirt

"Are you haunted by horribles?
Do you ever run after your nose?
Does your nose choke?
Does your head or face or shoulder ever limp?
Has any part of your body suddenly grown uncontrollable?"
--questions on a Japanese medical form

Chinese diplomat (lifting up his glass to his American guest): "Up your bottoms."
American diplomat: "Up yours too."
--Overheard at a cocktail party in Shenyang, China

"I trusted the government, now my dick glows in the dark"
-- From a t-shirt in Thailand

"You are invited to take advantage of the chambermaid."
-- On a hotel guest service pamphlet

"I like to meet strange people from northern places."
-- on a man's sweater

"take me home, let's make happy in your basket"
-- On the packaging for a loaf of bread

"Happy Bun Bun--The neighbor's dog come in and messed the garden"
-- On the cover of a child's notebook

"Depositing the room key into another person is prohibited."
--sign displayed in a Japanese hotel

"Give me coins and I will enjoy you."
-- a label on a child's piggy bank

"Future F.A.G."
-- A t-shirt spotted on a little boy (about 8)

"HEDONISM: It's just that i don't agree with Japan tradition anymore.
It's the way to life."
-- On a raincoat

"Love's good, but not as good as a wank."
-- Spotted on a girl's t-shirt.

"Sodom. Enjoy Your Lifestyle."
-- slogan on a child's fanny pack

And we'll end with some pictures...
Oooh... it's ribbed! I'm feeling less horny already!
For those special moments when you must remove your horniness.

Ok... one more picture. I know a few women who would like this shirt, actually...
All talk, no action...

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