Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

More dead by the day...

Good thing we aren't at war!

Today, a US heicopter was downed in Iraq, apparently killing four, according to Al Jazeera. Their reporter says that the helicopter was downed during clashes with armed Iraqis in the town of Hit, 90 miles north of Baghdad, after Iraqi civilians were angered by Iraqi police participation in a US-led house-to-house search for weapons. Residents attacked the police station, which brought in US forces to support the police. The US forces have since withdrawn after coming under heavy fire.

The Pentagon says that it has no information on any missing or crashed U.S. helicopter in Iraq. It said the U.S. military in Baghdad knew of no such incident but that checks were being made.

Too bad for them that Al Jazeera takes such good pictures, I guess.

This is the 3rd straight day that US forces have been killed in Iraq, with nine US personnel dead and at least an equal amount wounded in the past few days.

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