Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Good thing the war is over...

Though it is little comfort for the family of these US soldiers, I'm sure.

So, they mention at least 4 seperate attacks on US troops on Monday alone, with one dead and four wounded. Hm. If things heat up a bit more, it's going to be every bit as bad as the war itself... and of course the natural tendency is for the US troops to hunker down more and expose themselves to less danger... which means that they will be less effective in actually doing anything that might be considered controlling the country. This, incidentally, is exactly what has happened in Afghanistan.

Sounds to me like the Shi'ites have a better chance of running things longterm, because even though the US might have the military strength, what good is that if they don't/can't control the streets?

Hm. This could get a lot uglier.

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