Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Wow... that didn't take long.

US cuts off contact with Iraq Iran... undeclared war next?!

The US apparently wants to foment an uprising in Iran, hoping that with a bit of pressure, the Iranian government will fall of its own accord.

... and *how* many years of starvation, misery, and death did Iraq have to go through before their government fell of its own accord? Oh... that's right. It never did. Over a million innocent people had to die, their lives signifying nothing... except some sort of bass-ackward justification for war.

"But if we don't go in and shoot them, we'll have to keep starving them and blockading them," says the kindly old hawk, in a sweeping gesture of humanitarianism... give that man a Nobel Peace Prize!

... or go tell it to the kid in the cancer ward in Basra whose face is being eaten off by a malignant growth that could've been killed by a mildly radioactive substance.

Of course, all the horrible things we did to the people of Iraq can now be seen in retrospect as a shining example of how to liberate and restore democracy to another nation...

Well, except for that "restore democracy" part. We never quite got around to doing that -- not in Afghanistan, not in Iraq -- but we should all feel happy, 'cause its coming... real soon!

(Insert montage containing flag imagery, presidential portrait, and the marching of our gallant soldiers here.)

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