Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

TypePad builds a better weblog.

When I heard that Ben and Mena Trott from MovableType were working on TypePad, a centrally hosted weblog application, I figured it would be pretty incredible.

They recently added screenshots... it looks even better than I thought it would be. MacOS fans will love the GUI, too.

Some of the screenshots available are:
Author Configuration Screen - screened posts by junior authors? Drooool...

Weblog Layout Screen - A template builder. Columns with content. Makes sense to me.

Photo Albums Screen - Elegant. Highly usable.

Template Sets Editor - What if making your LJ styles into public styles was as easy as clicking a checkbox?!

Yeah. Color me impressed... and all of it done by two people with a bit of advice from friends and wellwishers.

It's at times like this that I wish that LJ had coders who would work as a team to actually design what they are going to build first and include designers and usability people in the process. (Hell. I wish that LJ had coders who would actually take the time to code...)

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