Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

FCC chairman Powell stonewalls public... time to talk to our senators.

Awhile back, I encouraged you all to sign an online petition against proposed FCC policies that would further centralize ownership of this country's media.

Over 150,000 people have responded... the largest public response to any FCC decision ever. So, what was the response of FCC Chairman Powell? He's saying that he doesn't see the need to allow further discussion on the matter...

Since Chairman Powell won't listen to the public, our Senators need to make him listen. The Senate Commerce Committee has the jurisdiction to hold hearings on and possibly delay the FCC rule change, but it won't use that power without public support.

Please take the time and check to see if your senator is on the list of members of the Senate Commerce Comittee. (My senator, Barbara Boxer, is...)

If your senator is on the list, you'll also see their email and phone number listed as well. Please take the time to contact them and let them know you oppose any FCC decisions that would further centralize media ownership, and that you encourage them to take action to pressure the FCC to listen to the voice of the public.

They're supposed to be *our* airwaves, after all...

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