Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Dazed, phased, and loopy...

So, it's a lovely fall day today... all nice and overcast and rainy. I love this time of year... I am watching seagulls flying through my window near the computer... they occasionally fly in from the coast to the Silicon Valley, but usually only when it's a bit overcast and when the winds are right.

I'm torn about tonight... this is technically the biggest day for pre-Halloween/Samhain festivities, but there isn't anything happening that really appeals to me. I guess I really want something more intimate and social, but that just isn't happening. Iceblink and I have each other, however, so we got cuddly and fell asleep... perchance to dream.

And I did...

...but I just woke up. Oof... I have a bit of a headache. It happens sometimes, when I fall asleep with the heater on, only to wake up to an overly toasty house... It seems like I spent hours drifting along in a shallow dreaming state. At one point, my mind told me to turn off the heater, so I did so in my dream... only to fall back into a deeper sleep, a different dream. I was at an old employers; some of my old friends from high school were there, playing games. I felt like an outsider... like it would be improper for me to pursue being social with them for one reason or another... and then I was in the office, suddenly aware I was in my underwear.

This does not happen often in my dreams... and perhaps the ludicrous nature of this tipped me off. I had a logical argument in the middle of my dream saying that this must be a dream... no other explanation... and, by the way, you really do need to get up and turn off the heater!

The tough part was getting myself to wake up... I didn't have that part figured out. So, I just ran around outside near the San Jose civic center light rail station in my underwear for awhile... why that station? Dunno... it isn't near my old office.

Heh... hopefully I'm still asleep. ;-)

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