Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

on today's agenda...

Had a nice day, despite the long night last night. We went to Ikea, where I stocked up on black currant and lingonberry preserves, along with lingonberry concentrate to use with club soda... yum! After that, I picked up my new massage table (very cool indeed), after which we went to Good Vibrations, followed by A La Turca for dinner.

A La Turca isn't the fanciest place, but it has excellent and quite affordable Turkish food, with possibly the best lentil soup ever -- incredibly smooth and tasty in ways that most lentil soups are not... and if you squeeze in lots of lemon juice from the lemon wedge that comes with the soup, it is so blissful. ( dragon_spirit, if you like avgolemono, you really should try this soup...) Their hummus is simple and excellent, and the bread that comes with it is awesome.

By popular opinion, we didn't go clubbing tonight. Back here with houseguests, watching movies. Think I will crack open the lingonberry concentrate and some club soda, pour over ice, and chill....

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