Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

To Have and Have Not...

Le sigh...

I have been Jonesing for this movie for a couple hours now... I think I recorded it somewhere. Urrgh... I should watch it again.</p>

Sure, it's not Casablanca... but then again, Casablanca didn't have Bacall... and that makes all the difference. To Have and Have Not was Bogart & Bacall's first movie together, and the chemistry was something else... they fell in love during the making of this film, and it shows.

The movie features Hoagie Carmichael as Cricket, the very hip piano player du jour... I wish I had a bar nearby with just such a character. I would be drunk on the atmosphere alone... Here's an mp3 of "Hong Kong Blues", which was featured in the movie.

"I need someone to love me... need somebody to carry me home to San Francisco... and bury my body there."

But of course they don't bury people in San Francisco anymore... it's against the law, due largely to the Great Earthquake of 1906. Liquifaction does strange things, and there is something very disturbing about seeing bodies rising out of the ground. That's why they have Colma, city of the dead...


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