Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

So, it's our weddin' anniversary...

and we're somewhat at a loss as to what to do. Really. I mean, we've pretty much been spoiled rotten for the past week or so, and while that is a temporary state of being, I really kind of want to do something kind of simple. Or sinful... either will suffice.

Even though it seems like a waste of $$, maybe we should go hot tubbing... or we can wait a week or so until we have our own hot tub. I joked with Kirsten and suggested that we should go to a peep show in San Francisco... and the funny thing was, it wasn't the worst idea. The idea of a rich, expensive meal doesn't appeal... and driving kinda sucks, in that we'd have to drive back... and we're having a party here tomorrow night.

Maybe we should spend a cuddly evening at home being watching a movie... anyone have any good porn? Why is there no good porn in the south bay?!

"I something you
As the nights get older
I something you
As if you couldn't see
In the best years of my life
At least I haven't got a wife
I something you
You whatnot me."

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