Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

"Schmooze, for chrissakes... schmooze!"

The subject comes from the wise words of inspiration that I received when I was at my first college radio convention back when I was shy, awkward, and young. I remained kinda shy and awkward, but I did learn how to schmooze, and was soon partying with the legends of rock and roll... or something like that. But I digress...

The kind of schmoozing that I'm currently interested in is , which is the startup of Reid Hoffman, who was a senior exec over at Paypal when I first met him. LinkedIn sounds an awful lot like Friendster, but the focus is completely different, geared towards businesspeople sharing contacts. Lots of interesting internet entrepreneur friends of Reid are starting to use it, so I figured it might be worth giving it a try.

I think I will have to drop Reid an email or arrange to meet him sometime, as I might be interested in talking to him regarding a few ideas of mine, and perhaps a few ideas regarding how applications like LinkedIn or Friendster could be improved... the concept for this kind of software is very powerful, but the interaction between users tends to blow, IMHO... as a result, you get this wasted potential for a community, but people keep on coming back to these pieces of software, hoping they'll finally get it right. There's enough focus on this kind of software right now from people who should be clued in enough to fix these issues, however... and when they do, it could be a very good thing.

Unfortunately, like all of these kinds of software, it requires spamming your friends. I don't want to spam anyone or give away anyone's email address without their prior permission, so if any of you would like to try LinkedIn and maybe make some interesting business contacts (with ideally far less inane discussion than you get in Friendster) then drop me an email at insomnia at livejournal dot com and let me know.

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