Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Tuesday night tea & sympathy... & spa?!

Just to clarify, this Tuesday the 6th is Kirsten's official day of birth... and her birthday party is on Friday the 9th. If you want to come to either, please reply with your email address and I will get directions out to you. Yes, the crowd is primarily polyamorous or bisexual, but really it's about an extended circle of friends and those who would like to make friends with other freespirits. Open-minded strangers are welcome, as always...!

It occurs to me that our Tuesday gatherings are well on their way to becoming something close to a co-op spa... I mean, there's hairbrushing and braiding and massages and french manicures... tea, chocolate, special foods for special diets, a patio with a fire... and we'll have the hot tub shortly! (This, of course, doesn't even touch on our patented "massive round o' hugs" therapy...)

So consider yourself invited to come by, relax, and help us celebrate Kirsten's real birthday on Tuesday... before we do something even more lavish and intoxicating on Friday!

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