Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Inheritance day, part deux...

So, we made lots of phone calls, wrote numerous checks, dropped things off, and have basically taken care of all outstanding debts and payments. It's amazing how hard creditors can make it at times just to give them the money you owe them. "You want to pay off everything?!But wouldn't you rather make payments for the next umpteen years at 19.75%?" Uh... no.

They can be so persnicketty about the dollar amount, too... as in "No, we don't have a way for you to pay things off today unless you want to charge it on a credit card. If you are going to mail in a check, be sure to pay us an extra $5 a day for five days in order to cover potential interest on your account balance between now and when the payment comes in." It's almost like loansharking -- no matter what you do, you still owe them, except that nobody is going to kneecap you if you're a bit late...

Our bank balance isn't surreal anymore, but we actually own a bunch of things outright now, have a cozy nestegg, and have a greatly simplified life. Not sure what is going on tonight, but we bought both kriek and merlot. Yup. Definitely nice.

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