Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Let's give him a welcome...

George W. Bush is visiting our humble town of Santa Clara today, where he is speaking at United Defense Technologies, the maker of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle, about 30 minutes from now...

Too bad he doesn't have the time to visit the San Jose Family Shelter a few miles away. I hear they're so popular that they're having to turn away families lately. The unlucky ones get routed to the other overfilled homeless centers, where they get to share the cots with the mentally ill and the addicts, assuming they can get a cot at all.

I wonder whether the meals still consist of a scoup of brown, unappetizing goop over an untoasted slice of white bread?! They do have soda and vending machines if you have the money, however. Want to make a homeless kid happy? Buy him a coke and a real sandwich.

Lucky for them, the homeless children get to be "trickled down upon" by Bush's tax cuts...

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