Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Rainy Monday morning in northern California...

Going to open the window and listen to it fall. Not a lot of wind out there like yesterday. Too bad, as my windchimes are also right outside the computer room window.

Tomorrow is our weekly Tea & Sympathy gathering at the house, located in Santa Clara in sunny California. As always, everyone is welcome. Email for directions... Next Tuesday will be iceblink's birthday, and I'm finally coming into my inheritance, so expect things to get a bit more swank very quickly. (We *heart* our guests!)

For various reasons, I have been thinking of larger issues of maintaining an undercurrent of peace, comfort, and openness within public (virtual and 'real life') spaces. Chaos and conflict intrudes upon every aspect of the world, so what do you do when it pokes its head in your door? Do you really need to kick chaos out, or, given the proper environment / social structure, can you fetch Chaos a cup of tea or a glass of wine and welcome Chaos to sit in the comfy chair and to make themselves at home... and if so, what furnishings do you nail to the floor?!

Thinking of Comfort and Joy, of Scottish folk music, and of the wonderful Bill Paterson...

Hm. Maybe tomorrow's gathering will be a bit of a ceilidh, without the barn!

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