Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

bad hooch and good things from Japan...

Yesterday, I was kind of spacy on antihistamines, because of the unfortunate stinging/biting incident... so, what better way to chase antihistimines than going to the opening of a dance night that has an open bar?!

Note to self: Free mixed drinks with inferior booze might seem like a deal at the time, but it never is. Never. I can feel my brain slosh from side to side... I can't believe that I have a hangover off of so few drinks. Next time, I'll stick to the purest stuff I can find.

I did a bit of casual websurfing today and stumbled into some cool Japanese stuff. I've been a fan of Mori Chack's art for awhile now just because he's such a twisted little monkey.

There's an interview with him here -- a few years ago, he was selling postcards on the street, and now he's a big artist with a ton of merchandise and there's anime in the works too! (Someone should tape it for me!)

Well, seems like he's been doing pretty well! There's videos for a group called Whiteberry, merchandise, and a store in Osaka that I would go nuts in.

Who could resist a stuffed Gloomy, the Naughty Adult Bear?

In a ton of different colors, and now featuring gore!

(Silly kids.. don't they know they shouldn't keep bears as pets?!)

Oooh. has Mori Chack merchandise now too, and their site is in English... yet another thing to add to my wish list!

Lastly, I heard about this mixed drink called a chu-hai, that is supposed to be very tasty and less hangover inducing, thanks to the relative purity of shochu, which is sort of like the Japanese equivalent to vodka. The most popular choices are shochu and sour, mixed with plum, green apple, or lemon. Interesting. Another day, however...

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