Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Sleep. We hardly knew thee...

So, the gathering was lovely as always, and I liked the space. We had the living room lit by a ton of tiny votive candles, with a giant, sputtering candle under the glass coffee table, decorated with rose petals. It worked...

I spent much of the time giving a fantabulous massage. Well, actually, it was just a good massage of a fantabulous person. I'd really need a massage table to give a fantabulous massage. Spent afterwards chatting with Kirsten, ldyicefire, and spiderdust -- we're going to paint the town plaid this weekend, or something to that effect! I was listening to the conversation, until I found myself nodding off, surprisingly.

So, I was thinking "Hey, great! I'm actually *tired* at *nighttime*! I'll actually sleep at night in the dark... maybe I'll get on a normal sleep schedule again. what a novelty!"

So, after saying goodbyes, I promptly fell asleep for a few hours... only to wake up with something obviously not right. Something had bitten/stung one side of my lower lip, which is now swollen to Cindy Crawford-like proportions, leaving me stuck taking antihistimine and putting an icepack on it like some kind of bad boxing flick.

Oh... it has also left me awake. Painfully, obviously awake. More screaming ensues...

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