Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

goofy girl strikes again!

Kirsten and I were in the computer room, geeking around and watching cartoons... Bugs & Daffy were just starting... Kirsten mentioned that she was going to go to the bedroom to lie down and get comfortable for a bit, and was halfway out the door when a new cartoon came on.

"Oh... this is a good one! Rhapsody Rabbit..." I said.

"Rhapsody Rabbit!?!" Kirsten immediately got excited... I mean REALLY excited! She rushed to the phone and started dialing profusely...

"Calling your mother?" I said. There was no answer... she was too obsessed with getting through to her mother, who used to teach piano. Apparently this particular cartoon had significance...

"Hello?!" Kirsten said, " ..... Hey, put the television on the Cartoon Network!! " [pause] "It's a really good cartoon!!!" [longer pause...] "Is Mom there?!" [pause] "Oh..." [awkward laugh] "Sorry!" [clik!]"

"What's a matter?" I said...

"Wrong number..."

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