Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

More details on Iraqi National Museum looting....

I just saw raw footage of the museum's looting from Reuters. The museum is every bit as destroyed as if you had driven a tank through it.

Surveying the littered glass wreckage of display cases and pottery shards at the Iraqi National Museum on Saturday, deputy director Nabhal Amin wept and told Reuters: "They have looted or destroyed 170,000 items of antiquity dating back thousands of years... They were worth billions of dollars."

"The Americans were supposed to protect the museum. If they had just one tank and two soldiers nothing like this would have happened," she said.

It is a shame that the museum didn't have an official website, but you can still visit some of the the upper and lower galleries of the Iraq Historical Museum online. Tours are were available... and you can read about the work the staff did to preserve these treasures.

This is a sad day for our world because this is our collective history that has been destroyed and pillaged. Today, we are all poorer.

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