Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Childhood antics.

So, the US, told in no uncertain terms that they can't get money out of the UN for their unauthorized war in Iraq unless the UN is given a major political role in the reconstruction of Iraq, decided to hijack the IMF, cancelling the regular point of order and using the meeting to float the idea of the IMF cancelling Iraq's debts to countries the US doesn't like and bringing up the idea of the IMF spending its money to pay for Iraq's reconstruction.

The IMF - wisely - rejected the idea of having their organization hijacked for political purposes and urged "the international community to reach cohesiveness" on the matter. In other words, it told the US to go back to the UN.

...meanwhile, young Billy is in a supermarket with his parents. Billy is with his mother who is shopping for groceries, while his dad is at the pharmacist's desk, getting a prescription filled.

"Mommy, will you buy me some candy?"

"Not right now, dear... you just ate!"

"I want some candy!"

"I said no, Billy."

(Billy stomps off, goes to candy aisle, opens a big bag of candy, starts eating it...)

"Billy, what are you doing?!"

"Will you buy me some candy now, Mommy?"

"No! You'll have to pay for it yourself out of your allowance."

(Billy runs to his father at the pharmacist's counter. Billy is unashamedly holding the opened bag of candy, face sticky with chocolate...)


"Daddy's talking to the pharmacist, son. Wha...? What did you do now, Billy?!"

"Daddy, can you buy me this candy?"

"But what about your allowance? I saw you put it in your pocket before we got here!"

"But Daddy..."

"Go ask your mother."

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