Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

A major battle raging through downtown Baghdad...

Reuters' webcast from Baghdad has gotten a whole lot more interesting really quickly. They're cutting in to their normally tranquil picture of Baghdad with lots of raw video footage coming out of the downtown. Very smoky city today -- you'd almost think they had a thick fog if you didn't know that temperatures are supposed to hit the upper nineties. Ever heard the expression "fog of war"? This is it.

Apparently, US troops and tanks are around one of the central palaces, presumably with the idea that if they occupy this area, they will demoralize resistance. Occupation does not necessarily equate to control, however.

Lots of chatter from reporters talking about what they're seeing. Wish they had some sound baffling on their generator so I could hear a bit better...

(note: some of this footage now available at )

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