Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Music software craving...

Went out last night to Diskotech Nekromantika, which was quite fun... although one of the many DJs they had during the night cranked up the levels too high and played shite.

Soon, though, I saw something that made me completely drool... ( No, not the girl in the corset/thong / stockings ensemble. )

DJ Jester Pezz had this sweet mp3 DJing setup that I want, with Traktor running on a laptop that was plugged into a touch sensitive display he got from an old cash register.

Actually having the software laid out in front of you and controllable by touch is much more powerful from a DJ perspective than actually sitting down and using it more like an application. I could see myself getting back into deejaying if I had one of these... carting around vinyl and CDs sucks, but I would love having everything run from a laptop with 100+ gigs of mp3s.

The monitor size was perhaps a bit small, though -- about 12" or so for those cash register monitors. A 15" touch sensitive monitor that is angled up properly would be better and easier to use -- it would, in effect, give me bigger buttons to push and knobs to twiddle.

So, that begs the question as to where you would find such a monitor. I don't see them on Ebay. (nevermind... found them. ) Hrm.

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