Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Latest rumblings from Iraq...

- Artillery duels going on in the west near the airport. Reporters claim that they have heard Iraqi multiple rocket launchers being fired towards the airport. These MRLs are capable of firing cluster and anti-tank munitions. Iraq claims that the US forces have been retreating when attacked by artillery, only to return afterwards.

- Jets are flying overhead Baghdad, providing combat air support near the airport to the west. There are also some sounds of combat or air strikes to the east of Baghdad.

- Iraq took reporters to an area just south of Baghdad, where they saw a knocked out American tank. Reuters and several other media sources have video of this. Iraq claimed to have knocked out others which they cannot show. Robert Fisk reports that one appears to have been knocked out near the airport.

- BBC is reporting that up to a dozen people died when a US warplane bombed a convoy carrying Kurdish fighters and US special forces.

- Looks like Arabs are getting angry because video is getting out there showing humiliating treatment of Iraqis. One interviewed Iraqi said "They are forcing our women to take off their clothes at the checkpoint". Another Iraqi was thrown to the ground, had his cigarrettes confiscated, and had his hands ziptied behind his back for no reason other than he was a male in his mid-40s.

- An interview with wounded US soldiers that is really depictive about the kind of difficulties they've been facing. Somehow, I don't suspect this interview will find its way into the Western press...

- US claiming that they killed "up to 3000 Iraqis" on their tank expedition through the city -- many of those killed were reportedly civilians who fought the invasion. I find this death toll claim both unlikely and nothing to brag about, especially after reading what one marine had to say.

"If we start taking a lot of fire, we will simply level the building area, we'll destroy it with indirect fire and air and tanks. Then we'll go in with ground forces. That's when you get civilians who choose not to leave, and they're going to die in the process."

And what if they have nowhere else to go? What if their whole city is a war zone? Liberation has apparently taken on a whole new meaning.

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