Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Guess they didn't need Akamai.... is live... hope it's here to stay.

Some of the things that Al-Jazeera is saying lately that "give aid and comfort to the enemy" are:

- Contrary to US claims, they don't control many cities. Only the outskirts of those cities. They have bypassed the center of cities in most cases. "It would be more correct to say we are operating in most areas of the country but we control very little."

- The US grossly underestimated the power of Iraqi nationalism.

- US war crime claims are off-base. Attacks launched by openly armed belligerents in civilian clothes do not necessarily count as perfidy. The first Additional Protocol in 1977 to the Geneva Convention allows for guerrilla warfare, which has been seen as a valid and appropriate means of fighting for national liberation.

- US special forces could also be accused of perfidy, as they have been known to disguise themselves as local inhabitants.

- Iraqis are complaining that the US soldiers are showing insensitivity towards Arab Muslim traditions by having their soldiers frisk the bodies of women. (Just wait until we ask them to strip first before approaching, to check for explosives...)

- Concern has been raised about Southern Baptist missionaries, who will attempt to spread their faith in Iraq under the auspices of providing humanitarian aid.

In other words, the truth of this undeclared war helps the enemy. US citizens, however, do not need, deserve, or require the truth, as it would be harmful to the war effort... nor should they make an effort to disseminate the truth, as it is a traitorous act.


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