Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Was it really in doubt?!

The Independent reports that, yes, the missile that blew up an Iraqi marketplace and killed numerous Iraqi civilians really was one of ours.

Frankly, this does not surprise me. I reported seeing a pre-broadcast news feed from Reuters that clearly showed the remains of what appeared to be a US missile with lettering on it in English.

Not surprisingly, missile # 30003-704ASB7492 (which corresponds to the US Naval Air Command), MFR 96214 09 (where MFR 96214 09 corresponds to the manufacturer, Raytheon, from a plant in McKinney, Texas...) fell to earth on the first night that US Navy Prowler jets fired their first HARM missile over Baghdad...

After the marketplace in Baghdad was hit, "unnamed Washington sources" reported that the missile was probably Iraqi and concocted this theory that an Iraqi military commander was dismissed because Iraqi missiles were hitting their own people. Now, an "unnamed Washington source" is indicating that this evidence might have been planted. Suuuure.

The answer could be determined in seconds by a simple database query... but somehow, I don't think the press will get confirmation on this any time soon.

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