Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

You've heard much of it here before, but...

Reporters Sans Frontieres released the following:

Coalition accused of showing "contempt" for journalists covering war in Iraq.

It mentions some new details on that case where the four reporters were detained and two were beaten. As I suspected, all four of them were carrying press cards. Why would any US serviceman beat a card-carrying member of the press?! Clearly, there is an unspoken law amongst the soldiers that the independent press are the enemy.

It also briefly mentions a disconcerting episode I wish I had more details on -- an Al Jazeera crew came under fire from British tanks on March 28th as they were filming food distribution by the Iraqi authorities in Basra.

So, are the British trying to hide the fact that they are attempting to starve a city of over a million people into capitulation? Apparently so... how else will they get them to dance in the streets when they finally arrive with food?!

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