Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

How Saddam and his leaders are staying alive...

Interesting article over at El-Ahram out of Egypt that mentions details on how Saddam Hussein and other top leaders are avoiding being targetted in this war, while still keeping up communications.

"(Saddam) moves frequently between several fortified bunkers capable of withstanding missile bombardment and heavily guarded to forestall possible assassination attempts or a coup mounted by Iraqi opposition forces.

As part of the heightened security around the president, he has stopped using phones of any kind, including that linked to a one-of-a-kind top secret cable network created for him by a Swedish firm in the 1980s and never renovated or modified since in order to prevent infiltration.

Saddam has also forbidden his private secretary and other close aides from using any communications devices from his hideouts. Communications are handled through a small number of hand-picked officers, each charged with conveying Saddam's orders -- coded and bearing Saddam's personal signature -- to a specific command authority.

As was the case during the second Gulf War, Saddam has taken precautions to ensure that his movements will be as inconspicuous as possible. He has commandeered for this purpose several old model taxis, which he will drive alone, disguised in Bedouin dress, with his American-made machine gun within easy reach on the seat next to him."

If Baghdad falls, do you think he'll escape outside the country, ruling an Iraqi resistance in exile? He could shave his mustache and moonlight as a cab driver in New York or London, perhaps... who'd notice?!

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