Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

The Five Stages in the Acceptance of Bush

The five stages in the acceptance of Bush are:

  • Denial : Initial reaction to any Bush victory, that is often accompanied by excuses and feelings of isolation and loss. ("Fraud! He didn't *really* win! He's illegitimate!")

  • Anger : Occurs when the victim can no longer deny Bush. ("Have you seen what that idiot did today?!")

  • Bargaining : May involve protests, writing your local politicians, or prayer, in the hope that past mistakes can be remedied that led to the Bush presidency. ("I know it's kind of late, but if we all just hit the streets now, I'm *sure* he won't drag us into an unsupported war...")

  • Depression : Involves a period of grieving for the loss; the situation is sad and the person has the right to be depressed. ("I can't believe he's *gaining* in the polls again! I wonder how hard it is to move to Canada?")

  • Acceptance : Involves coming to terms with Bush without feelings of hostility; allows time for facing a prolonged Bush administration in a constructive way. ("Maybe if I ever have money again, I should invest it in defense stocks...")

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