Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Should I celebrate or scream fraud?!

Richard Perle, trying to defuse controversy after he was caught profiteering off the war in Iraq, resigned as chairman of the Defense Policy Board, but he will remain on the board at Rumsfeld's request.

Perle spoke recently on a conference call sponsored by Goldman Sachs, in which he advised participants on possible investment opportunities arising from the war. The luncheon title: "Iraq Now, North Korea Next?".

Perle also made a deal with bankrupt Global Crossing Ltd. to win government approval of its purchase by a joint venture of two Asian firms. Perle would receive $725,000 for his work, including $600,000 if the government approves the deal... and the deal is under review by a group which includes representatives from the Defense Department.

He also sits on the board of two companies that sell equipment for homeland defense...

So, because he obviously has so much integrity, he decides to step down from heading the board only once he is caught in a clear conflict of interest, only to accept another position on the board?! Typical...

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