Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Raw video and some Iraqi expatriots you probably haven't heard about...

Reuters Raw Video kicks ass, takes numbers. While CNN is restricting video to paid users, Reuters is showing feeds from foriegn news agencies free of charge across the 'net, without all the congestion that seems to be effecting just about every other news site.

They had a particularly surprising story that I hadn't heard of before...

Returning to Iraq to Fight
Iraq's consular office in Amman, Jordan has issued 1,200 temporary passports to exiled Iraqis requesting documents so that they can return to Iraq in order to fight the US. Frankly, I wouldn't have thought that Iraqi exiles would do this, but regardless of what they think of Saddam, Iraq is still their country... Scary. There's another article on this here... Jordanian records show that 5,284 Iraqis have crossed the desert border overland into Iraq since March 16, with 3,000 temporary passports issued to exiled Iraqis in just the last three days.

Saddam made a speech a few days ago inviting others from around the world to join in Iraq's defense. Makes you wonder whether Shi'ites from Iran will be joining in too.

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