Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Cool bit of Bond trivia...

Watched "Diamonds are Forever" tonight with Kirsten. Not the best Bond movie, perhaps, but probably the only one that crosses the line into gay camp...

Charles Gray played Ernst Stavro Blofeld in a role that reminds you of him in Rocky Horror...

Surprisingly, unlike his role in Rocky Horror, he actually plays one scene in drag!

That's not all, however... Do you remember the villians in "Diamonds are Forever"? Mr. Kidd and Mr. Wint?

They walked together, hand in hand, killing everyone who got in their way and finishing each other's sentences... they were wonderfully eeeevil, even if they occasionally get catty and jealous.

Mr. Kidd:"I must say, Miss Case is quite lovely..."
[Mr. Wint glares at him]
Mr. Kidd: " ...For a woman."

Kirsten and I both commented "If they ever made this movie again, you know who they'd have to get to play Mr. Wint....?" The answer was obvious. Crispin Glover.

So, we watch the movie, I notice the credits, and... the person who played Mr. Wint is Bruce Glover, Crispin's father! Creepy coolness apparently runs in the family!

So, when are they going to give Crispin Glover a chance to be a Bond villain?! He'd be excellent!

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