Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

Another weblog post from Baghdad...

After two days without internet access, Salam at has access again.

Some interesting points:
- Al-jazeera is accusing the pentagon of not showing how horrific this war is turning out to be.

- US bombing in Baghdad seems to be quite accurate, but the strength of the blasts have been enough to damage nearby residential areas and cause "collateral damage"...

- Food and water still available, power available in most places. People view destruction so far with anger, sadness, worry, but are still trying to carry on with life. "If Um Qasar is so difficult to control what will happen when they get to Baghdad?"

- More leaflet bombing. Generally derided as psy-ops and misinformation. Level of trust in US diminishing, in no small part due to heavilly slanted coverage of the war in the US.

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