Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,


The timeless dance of the planet, the roiling flow of lava,
the ceaseless pounding of waves, the wind through my hair...
Here I stand, riding this churning beast through here and now
until, falling down, my matter scatters, only to rise in other guises.

Is there any reason to my rhyme; am I only treading water?
or is a hand divine creating gentle waves to drive me,
half-drowned, to a distant shore, an unexplored land...

And if I swim with all my strength, might I wind up somewhere of my own choice?
and would this new land made from my will be the land I would choose otherwise?
(If I only knew what was behind curtain number two...)

Let me float on the waves and steer my course,
let me be windblown while I walk, whistling...
and though I know that life will lead me down the path to the dark shades,
may nature and I walk together, side by side, in peaceful garden glades.

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