Insomnia (insomnia) wrote,

nonviolent tactics make a joke of SF police department...

Protesters who are being arrested in San Francisco are having a lot of fun at the police department's expense.

Arrested protesters are using tactics of non-cooperation, and have refused to tell police their name, phone #, etc. This non-cooperation will make it very difficult for the police to punish people more harshly after repeat arrests.

Those who are arrested have continued to chant, protest, etc. from inside the prison and have disrupted and slowed the normal process of the police department -- those who were charged with misdemeanors have refused to leave until the few protesters who were charged with felonies are also released.

As a result, the police have had to physically carry protesters out of the prison and put them back on the streets... many of the protesters arrested yesterday have run off, gone to get some sleep, and will be back in force to snarl the evening commute in San Francisco.

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